Windows 7 network share stopped working suddenly to WDTV

On my Main media share PC recently it showed showing the shares in wdtv.  At first I thought it was the WDTV, I even upgraded to the latest Firmware that came out a few days ago.

I found if i share on my laptop the share shows up.  IT has been powered off for a long time and does not have all the latest windows updates.  My Main pc does have all the updates and shares to wdtv do not work.  I have compared settings and they are identical.  I can  share files from Main to Laptop just fine.  I can share from Laptop to WDTV just fine.  

Any suggestions on what might have changed on my Main PC and how do I fix this issue?



Strangly enough right after posting this message i Got the idea to unshare then reshare.  

Now it works… GO FIGURE!!

Thanks for posting the solution