Windows 7 network share - New solution

I just upgraded my media server from XP to Windows 7 Home premium x64.

Initially I had no problems with my shared drives that I transferred from the previous machine. Following the advice here I adjusted the network settings and shared the drives with “Everyone”. I could see all the drives from my WDTV Live Streaming, and from my LG media player.

Then trouble struck. I replaced one of the drives with a new one.

I setup the new drive exactly as I had the others, sharing with “Everyone”. My other computer could see and access it, but WDTV Live could only sometimes see it, and when it could it told me there was no media on it. I tried all the suggestions to no avail. The other drives were all visible with all files working, just not the new one.

Finally I checked the “Security” tab of the drive properties, and compared it with the drives that were working. I noticed the drives that were working had “Everyone” and their permissions listed under “Security”, but the new drive didn’t. I added “Everyone” to the “Security” list and ticked the permissions, and voila. All my devices can see and access the drive, YAY!

So anyone who’s had to resort to 3rd party streaming software, maybe check that “Everyone” is in your security tab as well as in sharing.


Thanks for sharing this with the community.

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Hmmm. wonder why the new drive did not pick up the Everyone for the Security tab to begin with.