Windows 7 iso and Video_TS file sharing over the network

I will admit I did not search as hard as I could have but I suspect this is relatively easy and I am simply missing something.  I have a Windows 7 box with several 1 Terabyte drives.  One of the drives has about 200 iso files which are DVD rips, one of the drives has about 200 Video_ts directories which are also DVD rips.  I am trying to figure out how to get the WD TV box to see those directories over the network so I can stream the DVD’s.  I have been successful using Media Center on the Windows 7 box because those two file types are not natively recognized by Media Center.  When I attempt to find them, the directories do not show up on the WD box.  My drive that contains AVI files shows up fine.  Am I missing something here?  Thanks in advance for the help.

How are the actual “Shares” organized?

Is each drive one share?  Have you added each of the shares to the WDTV’s Media Library?

Each drive is currently a stand alone shared drive…E: and F:…I have created a directory in each and made is shareable across my network to everyone.  My other two Windows 7 machines have no issue seeing the shareable folders and accessing them.  When I choose “Network Share” on the WD box under the “select current source” option, then select “Windows Shares”, the WD box simply thrashes on the little orange wheel forever.