Windows 7 Hard Drive Usage Increased 300Gb After Installing Smartware

I have been searching for an answer to this question for some time.  I purchased a 2Tb NAS My Book Live drive to backup a business **bleep** server (running Windows 7, 32bit Professional) and business laptop (running Windows 7, 64bit Home Premium).  Prior to installation, the laptop showed 92Gb of storage used of 581Gb available.

After installing SmartWare (this is a nother story), my drive now shows 181Gb of storage available of 581Gb total.  This is an increase of almost 200Gb!  I have run space sniffer and it shows 92Gb of storage used but cannot identify the additional 200 Gbs. 

I have to agree with the majority of owners posting here.  The drive has just been more of a headache than it is worth. 

Installing the software should have little or nothing to do with the increased capacity

it should be on the contrary reduced since the application will take the space on the drive

if unable to backup with smartware you can use Windows Backup

I realize this but please explain this to me.  Using Windows 7, when I open my computer and look at drive C: it tells me that I have 180Gb available on a 580Gb partition (actual drive size is slightly larger) telling me that I have 400Gb of used space.  When I open Exporer and tally all the directory and hidden file sizes, I have approximately 100Gb of used space accounted for. 

Prior to installing Smartware, my hard drive showed 100Gb of used space.  Post installation, I have what is listed above.

I have checked for viruses, deleted al possible files (that I can find), used different programs to find hidden files/directories.  Nothing