Windows 7 Error Code 43

My WD MyBook Essential External Drive is quite a few years old and I’ve never had any problems.  Recently I had to replace my desktop computer and the new OS is Windows 7 (the old computer was XP).  It’s been several months and I had no issues with my MyBook then all of a sudden today I went to access files from the MyBook and windows is telling me that the device is not recognized–error code 43.  I have uninstalled the driver, reinstalled, ran diagnostics and fixes and I cannot get the computer to recognize the MyBook.

As a further note, I plugged the MyBook into my laptop which is running XP and I have no issue.  I’m by far NOT a computer guru, but I consider myself pretty proficient at troubleshooting…but this has me stumped (and ticked!).  I need access to that drive on this particular computer…and quickly…

Anyone have any solutions???

There’s a chance the drive is not supported on that OS

you mentioned is a few years old and it works with XP