Windows 7 doesn't see My Book Live Duo

I just rebuilt the hd after an OS crash and now it can’t pick up the Live Duo but the WDTV player does. I can see it through the full map in Network and Sharing, but it only offers the URL option. When I go into Windows Explorer to Network, it doesn’t see it at all but I can get a reply back from pinging.

Rebooting the drive, computer and router didn’t solve the problem and neither did swapping out the ethernet cable. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit. Not sure what to try next.

EDIT: Never mind, I just realized I posted in the wrong group. This group is My Book Live and I need My Book Live Duo.


Try using the Ip address or the name of the unit to access the dashboard.

If the WDTV sees the unit, that mean that the Ethernet cable is good.

Sorry for the delayed reply. It turned out that Comodo was blocking Windows from seeing it. When I reinstalled Comodo, My Book popped up on the network. Thanks anyway.