Windows 7 doesn't recognize wdtv as a media device

The WDTV Live shows up as a computer in networks, not as a media device - any idea on how to get that changed?

Do you have OTHER devices that support DLNA?   If so, do they show up?  

My only guess at this point is that Windows Firewall is blocking DLNA/UPnP.

What’s your network set up like?

Currently if my Windows pc is wireless and the WDTV is wired, WDTV wont show up as a media device. If both are wired, it does.

My problem appears to be how my router bridges Wired and wirelss connections

On wired or wireless you may choose different locations.

Based on that location Windows applyes different firewall setting.

If you are home with both wired and wireless, choose home for both as location.

After that, go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Windows Firewall and Advanced Security, filter for your location and allow UPnP-In and UPnp-Out.

Thanks all for your suggestions,

I guess shavanni was closest. I have two switches, and I rearranged some cables and suddenly the WDTV Live popped up on Windows radar.

Networking is black magic *g*

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Networking is black magic *g*

…and us networking folks like to keep it that way.   :smileyvery-happy: