Windows 7 doesn't recognize wdtv as a media device

I’d like to use the play to feature, but windows keeps telling me there is no media device atached. The wdtv box is attached via an eternet cale to the router. It is seen as an media device from a vista computer and I can use the hdd attached to the wdtv and get movie with the wdtv from my windows 7 computer.

On W7 you have to start upnp service and set it to start automatically and allow from Windows Firewall upnp-in and out.

That did the trick for me.

However, after making play on to work on my W7, I found it’s nice only for audio. For video it’s very CPU intensive and I loose quality. It’s better for me to play video directly from USB drive of from shares.

Upnp device host is running and windows firewall is deactivated. I dunno what happened, but I turned of eset firewall, could see the device. I turned on the upnp option and with eset turned back on I can still see it. But on or off, it blocks at “contacting media server”. I think I saw more people stuck at this point, i’m back at searching

It can do that if you try to send a file that Window’s likes, but the WDTV DOESN’T.

What kind of file are you testing?

right now it’s .mp3, tried .avi too. If a video is running, it will stop when I try to push something.

I’d be interested to know if you find a solution as I am having the same problem

I got nothing so far, but I moved forward, I plan to format eerything soon, I hope it will help