Windows 7 Computer Won't Recognize My Book Live

I thought I’d try here since I’ve tried everywhere else…

My bf bought me the 2TB My Book Live for Christmas and the first time I tried to “plug and play” it didn’t work. I did call Customer Service and walked through many steps and in the end, the CSR determined my drive was broken and I should return it. $32 in shipping later, I have my new drive.

And my computer won’t recognize this one either. I’ve turned off my firewall, turned on networking sharing, tried accessing it on another computer, restarted both my computer and the drive numerous times. Nothing.

My computers are wirelessly networked, so I followed the instructions on how to make a direct connection. That worked, so I know my drive is connected to the internet. I can also access the drive via iPad and iPhone, although there isn’t anything on it yet.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I’m stumped and until I can call customer service yet again, I should remain stumped without your assistance.

Thank you!

Try posting in the section for Network products. You’ll probably find help sooner.


This would be a router issue since you successfully access it via direct connection.