Windows 7 Computer Management shows 100 Gb more than expected!


my hard disk is: WDC WD7500BPKT-00PK4T0 of 750 GB:

on my windows 7 professional 64 bit laptop when I go to: Computer Management>Disk Management I see this:
So more than 100 GB the size of my hard disk (750 GB). I already run: CHKDSK and a dos command to verify the OS integrity and no issue was detected! I wonder why that appears and how to fix it please?

Thank you.

Hi well from what I see you have a 750 gig hard drive so.

Partition 1 = 101 mb unallocated

Partition 2= 696.53 GB

Partition 3= 2GB

Partition 4= 9mb

the GB parts total 698.53 GB + 110 mb so if it was showing 100 GB over it would add up to be almost 800 GB and it is Not, It is showing the correct size so it is fine.