Windows 7 can't add WD TV Live as a "Device"

     I have my WD TV Live plugged into a wired  home network, which also includes my Windows 7 Home Premium computer.  In the Windows 7 network explorer tool (A.K.A. “File Manager”) I can see the WD TV Live machine, and even access the files that are stored on the USB thumbdrive plugged into it. 

     From the WD TV Live machine I can browse shared folders on the Windows 7 computer.  The problem is that I can’t get Windows Media Center to recognize the WD TV Live device as an “Extender”. 

     Looking further, I open up “Printers And Devices” (back on the Windows 7 comupter) and try to add the WD TV Live as a “Device”, but it can’t find it.  Also, when I put the WD TV Live CD into the Windows 7 machine and run the setup, it can’t find any devices.  Why would the Windows 7 computer see the WD TV Live machine on the network, but not recognize it as a “device”?

     I’ve checked the “Subnet Mask” and turned off Windows Firewall, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.  I don’t think any of the lower level network settings is a problem, since the two machines can browse each other’s shared drives just fine.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your help!

Nathan S.

I didnt think the WDTV Live could be used as a Windows Media Center extender.

However, as far as I aware, it can be used in Windows Media Player, through the Play to" option.

Have you tried to see if it come up as a device there?

From what I’ve read, it should be able to.  Anyway, I should at least be able to locate it when installing the CD it came with.  I tried the “Play To” option in Windows Media Player, and it also says “No media devices found”.  Thanks for the suggestion though!