Windows 7 Backup- My Passport- No Software

Hi, I have a WD Passport ( and keep asking the support line what software do I download to be able to backup on my new windows 7 PC. Does anyone know what WD software there is compatible with my WD external hard drive and windows 7?

All help is appreciated,


Hi, if you check the download list you will see that it doesn’t come with any backup program, only WD Sync. If you want to backup your computer I recommend you to use Windows backup, since you have Windows 7.

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After reading all the WD SmartWare documentation I’m under the impression that this is the dashboard that runs the backup, sleep timer, etc. Now you are saying use Windows 7 Backup. Woa, why all the fancy dashboard options. Please explain what the SmartWare is for.

I recommended Windows backup because his passport model is not compatible with Smartware.