Windows 7 and SP1

SP1 for Windows 7 is now available to the public. Has anybody installed it and did you notice any problems after? On my VM I had to reinstall Comodo firewall. Just curious if it caused any problems with related software here.


Hi Joe!! I have not seen any changes (Either good or bad) on my NetBook so far, now that you mention it o.o

I installed it on a VM of my desktop and it broke Comodo some kind of memory error. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s OK now. I see people over on VMware are having issues the thread gets twisted up with Server 2008 hosts. I see it’s in automatic updates this morning. I’m a little more cautious about grabbing newest updates and drivers. This spring my video card got fried with a bad driver update, it messed up the fan function. I think I’ll wait a bit!


I’ll run a benchmark and open all of my programs to check o.o

Installing now!!

I also notice at the same time that there’s a new Media Device Definition being downloaded for the WDTV Live Hub!