Windows 7 64-bit won't show full size 3TB of WD30EZRX


Please can somebody help?

I bought WD 3TB HDD WD30EZRX

BIOS recognize HDD like 3TB but in W7  I can see still only 750GB (746,39GB).

Disk type is GPT (GUID partition table).

Machine is HP 8100 Elite Minitower with latest BIOS. Version of BIOS in ROM: 1.13 07/14/2011

Please do you have somebody any idea why?


You need a UEFI BIOS to boot that size of disk.

It is secondary disk. Only for dates.

I have solution for my case.

If you have Intel chipset you have to download lates version of chipset.

My chipset is Intel Q57

In my case helped newest chipset version

Enjoy 3TB HDD :slight_smile: