Windows 7 100% highest active time for 30 seconds on Harddrive, 15 to 30 mins each

Guys, this is my first post.
I have my windows 7 ultimate 32 - bit installed when it is released.
I got my copy and I performed a clean install, All drivers and programa are up to date, All windows updates have been applied.

Everything is fine except 3 weeks ago
The situation is, the mouse icon indicate loading, then windows hang ( like right click of recycle bin / mounting the CD image etc. ) and  I get explorer.exe not responding messages ; or opening a new tab for firefox, the firefox freezes for about 20 seconds without responding
Strange enough, the problem is more frequent when I surf internet via Firefox or Google Chrome.

When I check the Windows Resource Monitor, the highest active time is 100% and it lasts for 30 seconds.
I tried to find out which process occupy the load, but no luck :frowning:
There are some applications loading with few kb/s and I don’t think they cause troubles.
CPU usage is normal.

Anyone has idea of what gonna happen?

  • Hardware spec
    Asus P5K-E ( P35 chipset)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6420
    4GB DDR 800
    Western Digital Green EADS 1TB * 2, EADS - 00P8B0
    HIS ATI 4850 512mb
    Corsair vx 450

  • Software
    Windows 7 ultimate 32 - bit
    Microsoft Security Essentials / Avira Anti-virus ( this week )
    Windows 7 Office 2007 sp2
    Adobe CS3
    Daemon Tools Lite 4.35.5
    Virtual CD v10
    Firefox 3.5.7
    Chrome (latest one)
    many games

  • Here is the screencap of Windows Resource Monitor:
    Sorry but it would be in chinese.


Did you ever try contacting WD’s Technical Support? I would consider giving them a call about this if you haven’t.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

With Win7, you can easily select a single process and see how much of each resource it is using.  There should be a check box next to each process.

If you are having problems getting into TaskMan to see what process is peaking at the time, I suggest using Performance Monitor (perfmon) and have it record processes for you.  Then you can launch Firefox or Chrome and then look at the perfmon results after the 30sec lag stops hammering down your machine…

Getting the same issue here, exact same model hard disk WD15EADS-00P8B0 running windows 7 32bit ultimate.  In resource monitor getting 100% highest active time for tens of minutes at a time, disk queue lengths peaking at 50, all the time while there is very little KB/ read writes to disk and HD Activity light blinks every only every 5 seconds approx. I can analyse the processes wait chain that have disk activity and it tells  me things are running normally.

I have opened a support call, run the lifeguard diagnostics (-passed). Anyone found a fix for this yet?  Is this related to the intellipark issue I see people are having who are running this disk in a NAS?