Windows 2008 Domain Connection

hi everyone, after searching this forum, i have not been able to find a resolution on the problem i currently have … this is my setup:

network share hosted on a windows 2008 server domain controller 

wd tv live hub running the latest firmware

setup wd tv workgroup name to match the domain name and able to see the DC

setup wired NIC to static and point DNS to the DC

the error i get indicates that my username and password is incorrect

to troubleshoot, i have try the following:

create a fresh account with a simple password (pass123) and enter the username in “domain\username” and “username” … in both instance, it continue to return the invalid username/password error.  

could the WDTV Live Hub not support windows domain authentication?  i previous owned the WDTV Live and as far as i can remember, it was able to autenticate into my domain and i was able to see the shares … anyone hosting their content within a domain environment?

I think you should try to simulate the issue on a home network to see if it causes the smae issue

let me know what happens

The answer is in the Networking subforum.