Windows 10 wont recognize WD 2tb purple drive

I have a Gigabyte ud3r motherboard, and just purchased a sata Western Digital WD Purple 2 TB Internal Hard Drive. The pc refuses to recognize it. When I go into the bios, it displays. If I try and boot from windows 7 installation disk (not actually trying to install windows, just seeing what happens), it allows me to create a partition and format (which I have done). But I still cannot see it from file explorer or disk management, and if I go into system settings/storage it doesn’t display there either. I tried reinstalling the motherboards sata 2 and sata 3 drivers, but no luck… I’ve busted out some brand new sata cables, swapped power cables, and danced around the room chanting praise to whatever deity may take pity on me

I see that the purple drive is a ‘surveillance’ drive. Does this make any difference? I just assumed when I bought it that a drive was a drive. I am guessing this is the problem and I am out of luck

Any help to prevent premature, technology induced stress related hair loss would be appreciated

Hi, it doesn’t really matter if the drive is specialized for surveillance, is an internal drive and the computer should work with it.

Have you tried write zeros to the drive using the WD Data Lifeguard tools? Have you tried connecting the drive on another computer? Have you tried using the command “Diskpart” to check on the drive?