Windows 10 - WD UI Admin tools can see the drive but Windows Explorer does not have access?


I can get to the admin panel for the World Book, but get a permissions error when trying to map a folder to that drive though Windows Explorer. Any ideas?

I get a similar error with my MY Book. This started after this latest biggest Windows 10 update on Sept 30/Oct 1. Prior to the update, all was fine. After the update completed, I could not access WD MyBook drive through Windows Explorer. One time it even said I need to re format the drive.

I played with the network sharing options and got it to work. I think the key was establishing a homegroup. I doidn’t do anything specific to allow access to the drive that I know of :slight_smile: I did open up other options as well, such as no password required, etc. I am going to back down some of the open options to see if I can increase the security and keep the access. Hopefully the Homegroup approach will work for you as well.

You need to allow Windows 10 to do Insecure connections:

1. Right Click On Your Start Menu And Then Run.
2. Type Regedit And Hit Enter.
3. Navigate to the following path : HkeyLocalMachine->System->CurrentControlSet_>Services->LanManWorkstation->Paramaters
4. Locate a key named AllowInsecureGuestAuth Change the value to 1.
5. If the value does not exist, right click on parameters and create a new DWord value name it AllowInsecureGuestAuth and set the values to Hexidecimal and 1
6. Close regedit.
7. You may need to restart the machine for the changes to be picked up.