Windows 10 Update-MyCloud disappeared from 'Network'

Went ahead with new Windows 10 update. Now Explorer’s ‘Network’ does not show MyCloud. My other Windows 7 computer still sees it fine. Mine does see a Twonky MyCloud, and the MyCloud app still sees my photos. But I cannot copy files to it. Help!

Hi there,

Try to do a reset on the unit to see if you are able to see the drive after resetting, also try to check the IP address of the unit and try to access the drive with its IP.


Besides what Armak is suggesting, we have also passed this along to support.

ArMak–I tried your suggestion and it did not help. But it was logical, and I wished it had helped. It did somehow stop "MyCloud from determining how many photos, et al, but it still showed the free space. My ONLY solution was to go to Windows 10 and revert to the earlier version–which it did nicely. Now my two WD drives are visible again as they were before the update.

Thank you. (Never got to talk with support=my fault. I would suspect that the Windows 10 update just came out-I accepted it the 2nd time it showed, and if it stopped my access it will be a common WD problem.*** My only fix was to revert to the earlier version of Windows 10*** (undo the update) and that was totally successful! Both MyCloud and MyBookLive drives from WD are back and working just as they do from our Windows 7 computer.

For those having trouble with Windows 10 seeing/accessing the My Cloud. See the following thread that has a collection of possible steps to take to resolve the problem(s).