Windows 10 unable to install on my new WD green SSD

Hi all, I’m having trouble with Windows 10 pro cannot be installed on my new SSD. I have seen similar comments in many other forums but there is no complete solution.

I tried to clone the OS HDD to SSD (250GB HDD to 240GB SSD) using Macrium reflect but it does not work due to 4K sector size. Need some help!

Btw, here are some details of my PC and SSD
PC: Lenovo ThinkCenter E93 (i5-4690) and SSD - WDS240G2G0A

I upgraded from an old ‘spinner’ hard drive to an SSD hard drive … the software i used for ‘cloning’ … there were 2 options

Copy Disk Quickly …which copies all data and OS system files

Sector-by-Sector … same as above, but does it sector by sector

I chose “Copy Disk Quickly” and the process of upgrading my old spinner hard drive to an SSD hard drive when smoothly without any issues … was up and running with my OS and all my programs and data quickly :slight_smile:

Oh, and the SSD was a larger capacity and was able to use the entire available space on the SSD after cloning the old spinner.

I still don’t understand why people use sector cloning ? … any bad sectors on a hard drive, it will clone them … takes forever to clone … and then there’s the sector mis-match errors (as you’ve discovered)

Also, regarding the “BIOS” error above … you’ll most prob need to enable UFEI if your PC supports it or Legacy BIOS mode.

Thank you JoeySmyth!

I given up and got the nearby pc repair shop to do the work for me, being an expert he could do a clean install to my SSD but some how pc unable to boot from the SSD. So he also finally given up and installed OS to a new Lexar SSD without any issue. Now I’m planning to use the WD SSD as a back up disk. No time to waste for a 50 bucks SSD.


I have a similar issue can anybody give some advice of solution