Windows 10 Reconfigured Passport Drive - files lost?


I have a WD My Passport Ultra (MPU) 1Tb capacity, which had thousands of pics & other files on it. My laptop died, I bought new one with W10 64bit. All my MPU files were there yesterday; all normal. This morning I go to manage this drive and file explorer shows nothing but basic system files/folders and Properties shows 3.56 Gb out of 28.4 Gb total. That’s less than 32Gb when it’s supposed to be 1Tb total! I had left the pc on and the drive connected while I went to bed and the pc performed updates. When I look at the Properties/Events tab I see 3 events for the same date/time 12/28/1/ 1:09:33 >

  • device migrated
  • device configured (disk.inf)
  • device started
    One odd thing about the situation is that the Recycle bin on this drive contains files that I deleted from the SATA drive from the old laptop that’s connected. That may help someone understand what happened, but I also fear it will cloud the responses since no, I did not delete files from the MPU (at least not intentionally). Even if I did, it shouldn’t have gone from 1Tb to 32 Gb in size.

I’m just about sick from thinking all my files are gone and am afraid to try anything at this point for fear of disturbing any chance of recovery. I sure hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Sorry if I’m posting to the wrong place - don’t know the diff between a WD external vs portable (to me they’re the same thing).


Hello, Micron

Well, I understand the situation and I would like to inform you that please first try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

and for the data recovery, you may get in touch with the data recovery partner


Thank you for the advice. This will have to wait until I return home so I
can get the serial number of the drive for the request form.