Windows 10 Pro and PR4100 - Not recognized under Network

I just purchased a new Dell Workstation OptiPlex 7050 and though it sees the device as a storage device, where I can log in to the Admin Page it does not see the device under NETWORK where I then can map the drives. This problem is specific to the Win 10. I have several PCS with Windows 7 Pro and have no problems. I have spoken to WD Support and they cannot resolve the problem. I have spoken to DELL Tech Support and They cannot solve the problem, and I have spoken with MS Support and they cannot solve the problem. It seems that MS has listed this issue as a possible known issue for the engineers to solve. Wow, so now I am stuck.

Which samba version?

My Windows 10 Pro computer had the same issue. It could not find my PR4100 or my DL4100.

On both units, I have:

  • enabled LLTD

  • not enabled “Local Master Browser” on either one (it doesn’t work, trust me).

  • selected SMB 3.

I do have SMB 1.0 / CIFS enabled in Windows services on my machine.

I re-booted my computer and it discovered both devices.

Changing these settings helped me for this issue.

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings
Under private: turn on network discovery; uncheck automatic setup of network devices. Turn on file and printer sharing.
Under Guest or Public turn on both options

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
Right click your adapter, select properties. Highlight internet protocol Version 4, select properties. Select advance, Under WINS, select enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Control Panel\Programs\Turn Windows features on or off check all SMB1.0

Restart and it should work.

I also mapped my Private folders as a drive and it prompts for user name and password, and does not give that error anymore.

Hope this helps!

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