Windows 10 Only Sees Media Files on WD My Cloud

I use My Cloud as an external drive. It contains all sorts of files. If I access it through Windows 10, it is in the directory as a Media Device, and only media files are visible…no documents.
Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi @Mark_George

have you activated the network environment within Windows 10?

BTW: you use the My Cloud as Network attached Storage, not as an External disk, right?

If the My Cloud does not show up under Computer in Windows File Explorer see the following thread, Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions, below for a list of potential workarounds. Microsoft introduced a bug in their November update to Windows 10 that causes problems accessing any NAS device like the My Cloud that uses Samba.

HI Joerg. Thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions, I don’t know if I’ve activated the network environment as I’m a complete novice and have no idea what that actually means (or how to find out if I have).
Re: how I use My Cloud, I’m not sure what the difference is between N attached Storage and an External Disk. Basically, it’s connnected to my PC via ethernet cable, and I archive files on it and back ups of my PC are stored there as well.

thanks Bennor. I’ve read that, and I’m afraid I don’t really understand it. Mark

As a recent update to the Compelations thread points out, Microsoft published an update to Windows 10 on March 1st that should solve the issue of the My Cloud not showing up properly in Windows File Explorer.

If Windows 10 doesn’t update automatically one can perform a manual update. See the following link for basic directions to manually update.

While the My Cloud can be connected directly to a computer’s networking port, that in not the normal method of setting up the My Cloud. Instead the normal method of setup is to connect the My Cloud to the local networks router so the whole local network can access the My Cloud.

thanks Bennor. Again, I’m probably showing my ignorance of all things IT in my answers. That is how it is set up. My Cloud connected to router. Mark