Windows 10 only recognising 1 of 2 My Books 4TB

I’ve tried changing the name of one of the drives and it’s path letter. This hasn’t worked. Both drives are visible in Device Manager and WD Drive Utilities but only one in Disk management and File Explorer.

I need to see both drives in Windows 10 File Explorer please

I think it is Signature Collision. I don’t know about Windows 10 but this link explains what to do in windows 7 and 8 scroll down toward bottom of the page. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion Joe.

Unfortunately only one drive is seen in Disk Management so I can’t follow the procedure described in your link. However I was not aware of “signature collision” so I will look into this and post back if I find a solution.

One would have hoped that simply renaming a drive and changing its path letter would have achieved the desired result.

I am surprised this problem is not more frequently encountered and that a solution from WD and/or Microsoft has not been provided.

Ah, I was wrong about the disk not showing up in Disk Management. I expected it to be listed in the first window but it isn’t until you bring it online, It was present in the lower window and right clicking enabled it to be brought online and then it is visible in the upper window.