Windows 10 not showing all files

When I open the Livehub in “this PC” or network it only shows 3 folders music,video,pictures. I store other useful stuff like programs,notepads etc on the hub that are good to share across my other windows 7 pc’s.
how can I get these to show up with Windows 10 ?
Thanks for helping

You’re using Media Shares (aka. DLNA / UPnP)

Network Shares (SMB) will show Everything that you want to share.

Note: Windows 10 disabled SMB1 because of security exploits. (DLNA has no security and is worse)

The WDTV Live Hub uses SMB1 … so you’ll need to re-enable it in Windows 10 for Networks Shares.

Search Network Shares in the WDTV Live Hub forum for more help/info

Thanks so much. you are the best.
maybe this windows 10 will work out…