Windows 10 - My Book doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I recently uptade my computer to Windows 10 and I wanted to connect my external HDD : My Book 3To (the model must be WDBACW0030HBK-01) to get my documents on the computer.
The problem is that Windows tells me something like “H:/ isn’t accessible - the parameter is incorrect” and I can’t access to the disk. The partition NTFS is RAW and i cannot access but the Fat32 is fine
So I plugged the hdd on my old imac and my pc on Win7 and it works perfectly fine.
I tried to install some drivers but nothing works.
Does someone knows how i can make it works?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

EDIT : I just rebooted my computer and now even the fat32 partition is RAW

Hello there,

Does the drive still show correctly on the windows 7 and Mac computers? I would recommend taking the data out of this drive and then re formatting it on the Windows 10 computer.

Yes it still works.
I was afraid I might have to do that :frowning:
But I don’t have a drive where I can store my data, this biggest drive.
I looked on the board that several persons have the same problem but I didn’t see any solution.
Is it really a problem for all WD drives in win10?