Windows 10 Library Share

Guys I just got my EX2 Ultra the other day and have it all setup on my home network. What I would like to do it have all the PCs in my house (3) use the same public share to save and retrieve files. To make it easier for the other people in my house I would like to add the shares into the Windows 10 library’s (default for saving and accessing files).

I mapped a drive to the EX2 and tried to add the Public Photos directory to my Windows 10 library and I got the error message saying it could not add it because it is not indexed. Is there any way around this? I have looked on the internet and cant seem to find an answer.

As a workaround I do have the MySync app setup to Sync those folders but that means the data is on each PC taking up disk space. I would like to just have the data sitting on the EX2 and everyone accessing it easily.

Thanks in advance.


There is no way around it since thiatis how the Windows Library works. You can force indexing for your NAS so it can be added, but it will take a lot of space.

Beyond that, you can map your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra into all computers. They will all have access to the same shares and content while stored within the unit.

I have the same problem. I would like to add my music files, that I have stored on My Cloud EX2 Ultra, to my Windows 10 Music library. Windows returns the message that the folder cannot be added because it is not indexed. When I look at indexing options in Windows, the Network devices are not listed as potential drives to be indexed. Is there a way to include NAS shares in a Windows library? Thank you.