Windows 10 is waking up My Cloud

Went to my PC running Windows 10 that has MyCloud and MyCloudMirror sitting right next to it. Both drives were asleep. Went to the start menu then clicked File Explorer.

Almost instantly MyCloud woke up as File Explorer was scanning something. A few seconds later MyCloudMirror woke up. At no time did I click on any of the shares or the mapped drive pointing to one of my shares. What could Windows be doing that it needs to scan my network every time I open File Explorer?

Some of my shares are in my recent items and Quick Access. I know this isn’t a Windows forum but this could be some of the trouble users here are having with their drives running constantly.

I went into File Explorer:

Change folder and search options
In the box that popped up cleared my Quick Access

Then I waited for my drives to go back to sleep. Once they were napping I went back into File Explorer and they stayed asleep. I guess Windows was scanning my recent items to see if they were still there and that was waking up my drives. Now I just have to decide if I want windows to ignore my recently used files…

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this information, hope this can help other users on the forums.