Windows 10 File Explorer

I am hoping someone can answer this question…

Is there any way of using Windows 10 File Explorer and accessing MyCloud remotely much the same way that OneDrive is accessed using File Explorer?

I really do not like using the My Cloud Desktop Application to access files. It’s very hard to open, save and save as using my everyday programs like Adobe, Corel, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc.

Please help me if you know of a way of mapping MyCloud on a remote computer. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how well win10 supports it as I haven’t upgraded yet, but maybe look into WebDAV as a good way to remote access your MCM.

I use it on Win7 and Android and it works well.

Hello Markopilo

Did you ever solve this issue (simply) ?

I would like to do exactly the same thing, as with OneDrive and Dropbox

The WD drag and drop is so clunky and unfriendly