Windows 10 File Explorer keeps access to folders despite signing out of wdmycloud

Steps to reproduce this behaviour:

  1. Sign on to WDMYCLOUD using the browser with username and password
  2. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to Network, WDMYCLOUD
  3. View files and folders on WDMYCLOUD using File Explorer
  4. Sign out of WDMYCLOUD using browser
  5. Can still navigate folders and files using Windows File Explorer, even after closing all windows and reopening them

In CMD shell, NET USE shows nothing, so I cannot disconnect using /DELETE

Without signing out of Windows, how can I get File Explorer to ‘Forget’ / Sign out of WDMYCLOUD ?

What you are experiencing is NORMAL for a network attached storage device like the My Cloud.

First, if you haven’t done so already, ready the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn what the My Cloud actually is, its features and how to use them.

Because the My Cloud units are a network attached storage device they will (generally) always be visible and accessible, when properly configured, to Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder on local network computers (and other network devices). If you do not want users to access certain Shares then use the My Cloud Dashboard to create Users and configure those Shares for Private access and assign User permissions (Full Access, Read Only, No Access) to those Private Shares.

Your Web browser and Windows File Explorer are generally two separate programs that generally operate independent of each other.

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Thanks for your response.
I do have users setup on MyCloud with passwords and only have permission to view their own files.
After rebooting my Windows/10 machine I cannot ‘see’ WDMYCLOUD on the network but cannot open it as expected, until I log in using one of the user accounts on MyCloud via the browser /UI interface.
Then the files and folders of the logged-in user may be seen via File Explorer.
However, I can also see the top level folders of all the other users but cannot open them without being prompted for username/password panels.
If I then logout of all the users on MyCloud via the browser, I can still ‘see’ the folders and files in File Explorer.
What I need is to get File Explorer to ‘forget’ this view, otherwise it seems the whole business of usernames and passwords seems pointless.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support