Windows 10 does not automatically connect to MyCloud NAS

windows 10 does not automatically connect to MyCloud NAS using Windows 10.
I can reconnect manually via file browser.
There is no admin password, field left blank.

Hello tlfmd,

The My Cloud device can be assessed by logging from the Dashboard or you can login with the website.

SO why won’t it automatically reconnect with a restart and how do I fix that so backups can occur automatically ?

If you use the IP address instead of the DNS name for the unit, after configuring it for a static IP (Or having a reserved DHCP assignment), it should work with auto-reconnect at logon.

Have you mapped the Share? When mapping a Share there is an option to have Windows reconnect at login.

Make sure to check “Reconnect at sign-in”.

It IS on automatic reconnect on sign in

I suspect that the mapping is via a share name, rather than an IP. Win10 needs to have SMB1 features enabled to properly find the MyCloud by name, which is not enabled by default. I would set the share up by going straight at the IP.

Is SMB1 (as Wierd_w mentions) enabled? In recent updates/versions of Windrows 10 Microsoft disables SMB1.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

Done, will report on future events

and, I mapped it via IP, not by name