Windows 10 - copy 300GB of files from private to public

I think everyone knows what I’m on about.

Whats the best way to achieve this fundamental activity?

Robocopy was quite slow on my Win 10 Pro laptop, noticed kdd was chomping memory.

I’m not going via external USB as the files are already on there - they took 2 .5 days and about 15 separate attempts to achieve the final full usb copy over.

I may edit this post with more profane remarks about this new device when they come to mind.

Usecase - Sonos. Wd Service running from private - yes. FREQUENT DROPOUTS - yes. Hence the need to copy to public and not use the service.

FYI - BT Home Hub 5 Type A has a USB port on it that allows a USB external HDD to be used locally over the LAN, eg for Sonos. I’ve had to move to another BB provider so the bt hub is out of use now. Hence in my desperation I resorted to this piece of … (equipment?)

Hi coolruler,

You can contact WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:

Hi cool ruler

Wow you have been given permission to contact WD support! One better than most I thought buying the equipment would give you permission to contact support.

Good luck I gave up after three or four attempts thinking this world class support needs to be in this world not Never never land.

As a last resort I did try to use the lights on the front as a reading lamp but even these were too weak.