Windows 10 constantly trying to upgrade firmware

Hi Guys

Every time I boot my Windows 10 PC I get an info message that the firmware for my MyCLoudMirror is being updated, followed by a message that the mirror is being rebooted and finally that the upgrade was a success.

None of this actually happens.

Why do I get the message? I’m concerned that the PC is trying to do something to the firmware and will eventually brick my mirror.

What happens when you try to update the firmware from the Dashboard?

My firmware is up to date.

You could contact support, but this sounds more like an issue with the Windows notification to me than an issue with the drive. What I think is essentially happening is that the drive sent a notification to Windows when the firmware last updated and Windows just keeps looping those same messages - for whatever reason it’s not being cleared.

Here’s the contact info for support in case you want to reach out to them:

EDIT: The link below discusses a similar issue and might be of some use:

Meant to say thanks v much scott.

sorry for delay.

My PC has downloaded FW
Every time I start Windows (10 Pro 1709 16299.64 but it also happened on 1703 build) I am notified it is installing the above firmware.
It then notifies me firmware updated successfully, and then tells me is rebooting the MyCloud.

Yet, as in McPartland’s example, the log doesn’t indicate this has happened…

If you have WD Access installed, you can open the Notifications window from the taskbar, You can clear the notifications, after logging as admin.

This may take care of the messages when you reboot your machine.


Thanks for the tip, but I do have it, and all notifications have been cleared with no luck.

I have the same issue. I am running Windows 10 1803. Every time I reboot I receive the notifications that a new Firmware is available, that is being installed and that it installed successfully. Is this just a notification issue or is it really installing firmware every reboot?