Windows 10 Can't install WDAccess to see MyCloudDrive in Explorer

I hope this is the right category.

I replaced my old Netgear Nighthawk with a new Google Wifi today.
I can no longer see or access My Cloud Mirror drive.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers but they don’t even appear to be running as I don’t have a WD Access icon in my Systray or in my Apps listing.

How can I tell what version of My Cloud Mirror do I have 1st or 2nd Gen?
The P/N: WDBZVM0120JWT-20.

Where can I download software to make my drive discoverable on Windows 10?

Thanks in advance for any help on resolving these issues.

OK, I did a hard reset and can see WDMyCloudMirron in the devices on my GoogleWifi listing.
But I still can’t access the drive via windows explorer.

I have tried reinstalling WDAccess_1.5.6698.5488 multiple times and it appears to install but the Icon never shows up in the systray and the app is not listed in the Programs or Apps listing.

Any suggestions on how to get WD Access to install and work?

Sounds like the well-known Windows 10 SMB issue; and the various WD apps are hopelessly outdated. Do a search on this forum - there are plenty of posts on both.

Thanks for the information. Keep suggesting such post.