Windows 10 can't access replacement WDMyCloud

Just received the replacement MyCloud (thank you WD). My MacBook Pro, and a Windows 7 laptop easily see and access the new NAS.

However, my wife’s Windows 10 laptop is unable to a access it at all, with the below displayed error. This laptop was able to access the old WDMyCloud drive without any issues. Thoughts?

Please make sure your Wife’s computer is up-to-date with all Windows 10 Updates.

There have been many issues and work-arounds posted on this forum about Windows 10.

See: Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions

Thanx - I made the assumption (and one knows what happens when one assumes) that…since the old MyCloud worked on Windows 10, the new one would also. Leave it to MicroSloppyCoding to prove me wrong.

Will advise if I run into any issues.

Thanks again for the help. Re-enabling SMB2 and 3 fixed it.