Windows 10 and WD My Cloud POV

Hey there,

Just sharing POV.
I just upgraded my ASUS ROG G501-JW (12GB RAM, Core i7, 128SSD one of the latest from ASUS) from Win 8.1 to Win 10. The Win 10 upgrade was rather easy, took less than half hour but…I have to struggle 3 hours with WD My Cloud. It was connected but the only problem, it did not show the Computer logo which I normally use to get into my Cloud, it saw My Cloud under storage but there is no way to get in except through web interface or WD desktop. Tried many options, NetBios, Credential etc but all did not work.

So …Win 10 game over and back to Win 8.1 (still prefer Win 8.1 more even I had both used Classic Shell on the Start Button just like Win 7). Win 8.1 was faster, ok the Explorer Edge was indeed fast.

So back to Win 8.1 and what the heck, that WD Computer is still missing!!! So I decided to delete all WD software and reinstalled, guess what it came back as it was suppose to be. Maybe this is what I miss on Win 10, deleted all WD software and reinstall.

You guys try the last method see if it works. Let us know.

PS…Win 10 explorer really sux even I have reconfigure it. Everything about Win 10 is trying to get you to Bing, MSN all MS stuff. It will work well if you have a Win Mobile.

Anyhow try the last method and share it to the World, for me Win 10 I will take the back seat. Like the saying goes “It ain’t broken, dun fix it”

Can’t wait for the EX2 to arriveend of the month from Amazon…long trip to Taiwan :slight_smile:


Did you enable the Network Discovery service while configuring the Windows network after setting the network mode to work/home?