Windows 10 (1809): My Cloud Desktop stuck to after fresh install

My Windows 10 was recently updated to 1809.
I noticed that WD Discovery was behaving bizarrely and in with a non admin user was not displaying the version of My Cloud Desktop but only for Discovery itself.
I decided to uninstall/resinstall WD Discovery.
Fresh download. Fresh install.
And yet My Cloud Desktop does appear in non admin user session but it is stuck to Silen update is turned on. A “mettre à jour” (French here) button is shown to update. But update is not taking place, event after manually pushing the button. Both in admin and non admin session.
Is there some sort of incompatibility with 1809? Is an update “en route”?


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If you want to update the WD Discovery then you may refer to the link mentioned below

As stated, I did reinstall from scratch the software. Discovery is at its latest version but My Cloud Desktop is not being updated by it!

WD discovery do not work with win 10 1809 update.
Using surface 4 and win 10 pro. When starting wd discovery the resolution on the display changes.
If wd is loaded on start, WD will periodically change display resolution and change back. Sometime it will not go back to original resolution,
This happens no matter what you are doing. Hope there will be an update to WD discovery, I miss it.

Everything seems fixed since the 3.3.34 release and the corresponding My Cloud Desktop update.