Window and Mac computers using same cloud

New to My Cloud and was wanting to see if both Windows and Mac can be used on the same My Cloud. If so what are the steps to set it up

Yes you can use both Mac’s, Windows and Linux PCs at the same time with the My Cloud.

It is strongly recommended one read the WD My Cloud User Guide as it explains how to setup both Macs and Windows PC’s with the My Cloud and how to configure the My Cloud in general.

While the My Cloud User Guide details how to use the various WD programs and apps for access to the My Cloud it is generally recommended one use their web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard to configure both Users and Shares. Then “map” the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder for easy Share/Folder access. The User Manual details how to access the Dashboard via a web browser and how to map a share/drive.

Note: If using El Capitan on the Mac there are several issues (caused by the El Capitan OS) that cause issues with accessing the My Cloud. Do a search of this subsection and you’ll find other threads on the El Capitan issue.

I don’t use the WD software. I just use Windows Explorer or the Finder to access files on MC. the device shows up fine and there are no issues accessing from either. I’m on Windows 10 and Yosemite.

The only odd thing that is not specific to the MC is if you go to folders using the MAC it creates a hidden file in each folder you visit called .DS_Store. It is a small file that iOS uses to store how you look at that folder like icon positions and sorting. This file shows up in Windows Explorer and annoys people like me when I want to get a count of files to compare directories.