WinDLG does not see my MyBook Studio II, connected eSATA

My subject line tells it all, really.

Recently, my system just lost sight of the data on my MBS2 and told me it had to be initialised to be used. After trying everything I could think of or find, I reinitialised it, as I had a backup on another USB drive. So now it is working, but I would like to run DLG on it, but it is not listed on the physical drives. No drives of any sort are listed in physical, but all my logical drives are listed. I have two Velociraptors which are also not seen, one being my system drive.

Another thing is that I do not seem to have access to any management software for the MBS2. I set the two 512G drives as mirrored originally, but have long since replaced my computer and with the new W7 based machine, there seems to be no way I could change my mind and use it as a single 1TB device.

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There are several situations that might prevent a Hard Drive from being recognized by Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. 

For more information, please see:

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