Win8 recognizes MyPassport Ultra but Win7 does not

My Passport Ultra 1TB once worked fine on my Dell Win7 notebook, but now it does not even beep when plugged-in or show up in Comp Mgt/Storage/Disk Mgt. It works great on Dell Win8 machine with same cable.

Hi BianchiJock,

Have to tried to connect the drive with any other USB port?

THANKS for responding. Yes, I’ve tried it in ALL the USBs on the notebook computer and docking station. I’ve also verified that a thumb drive works on all those ports. The Passport works perfectly on two other computers (Win7 & Win8.1) using the same cable. It worked perfectly on this Dell notebook (Win7) about a year ago, and this is the computer from which files were backed-up that now need to be restored.

Why would I want to do that? The drive works perfectly well on other computers.