Win7 x64 network shares not visible to Live+

My setup:

Win 7 x64 pro

Win 7 x64 Ultimate


Linksys wrt610n v1 (ddWRT)

My Problem:

I can stream fine when  using media streaming (windows media player/ tversity), however the same 2 PCs while visible as media streamers… are not even detected in network shares.

I have poured over this board, and several other resources to no avail

I have:

checked all permission and share policies

removed password protection

checked my windows firewall for exceptions

I have read through a bunch of TonyPh12345 posts (all very informative) and still am stuck.

The one thing I can point to, is when running the {net view} command from either box, both pcs are visible, but the wdlivetv is not listed…

Any help would be appreciated

Poser:   It sounds like the WORKGROUP names don’t match.


1.  Thanks for all of your posts… in the course of a day or two, I have learned a ton about DLNA and Share construction.

2.  I read my post a couple of times (knowing that the WORKGROUP names were all the same)… and I kept coming back to the fact the Live+ wasn’t even visible in ‘net view’.   It got me to thinking… I use very unique local IPs for my home network, which then resulted in the proverbial {palm to forehead}.  I was in a rush to manually configure my Live+, that I breezed right through the manual net conf.   Using unique IPs result in different subnets (oooppps).  Went to my live+ and  properly configured the subnet… and presto, my shares were available.

Now I have to figure why my .mkvs are not showing in the folders