Win7 Does Not See Previous XP Backup

I had my 1TB My Book hooked up to my old Windows XP machine and the computer just died. I bought a new machine that is Windows 7 64-bit , hooked up the My Book and when I run SmartWare on it and go to the retrieve tab there are no existing backups. If I plug that same My Book into my XP laptop it sees the backups on the retrieve tab, so they should still be there but my new OS doesn’t seem to see them. Anyone have any ideas what I need to do to restore the previous backups from my XP machine to my new Windows 7 machine?

I think you need to do a backup from new machine check out post 2

I can certainly try that - I’m just a bit nervous about ctreating a new backup that will blow my old backup away. I’m also really confused about why it looks like I would be able to restore to my XP laptop without a problem (unfortunately I don’t have the space to actually do it), but on the new machine these aren’t seen - I am assuming it has to do with the OS and possibly going from a 32-bit OS to a new 64-bit OS.