win7 and mybook WE white led: problem to access share folders after upgrade new fw

ho everybody

after the upgrade to new firmware (1.02.06)  I can’t access to the default shared folder (public, download, etc) because windows tell then I don’t have permissions to access to the folders.

The folders are ‘public shared’…

why ?


For some strange reason MS wrote Windows 7 assuming that all PC’s would have muliple users and one admin user, so you suffer from their user access control protocols which flags these stupid messages, even when you are signed in as the single user who is also the sole admin user! Go into control panel and switch off the user access controls - this may solve your issue. If not you may have to dig into the file sharing attributes on the drive and reset them to share with “everyone” - again this is over complicated as you have to dig down several levels before it all works again properly. I am on Win7 and all my accesses are working OK … now!! Another thing to try is “right clicking” the icon you use to open MBWE and seeing if the “run as administrator” option can be selected.