Win10 My Book files READ ONLY!

I updated a desktop from a Win7 to a Win10 PC. I use a USB My Book as storage on my LAN. I found all the files on the My Book are classified as READ ONLY, I cannot open and modify a file and save on the Mt Book. I change the classification (uncheck the box) and I get the question about “this folder and all . . . etc” It appears the files are eing changed but checking the folder shows it is still REEAD ONLY.
I am loggen as Administrator. I have the same problem trying to access files on the hardwire LAN.
I would really appreciate any help in finding a solution to this problem.


You could refer to the following link:

Hi Logan007, thanks for your reply!
This sounds like the problem I’m trying to solve.
Let me give you more info. I believe I created the files several years ago on My Book under Win7 - both laptop and desktop. The drive has been connected to the network through the desktop (Drive F).
The problem began when the desktop was changed to Win10 Pro (new computer). I can access, modify, and save files on F Dive from the Win10 desktop.
I can access the files with the Win7 laptop however I cannot modify and then save back to the F: drive My Book. .
Operating on the laptop I began the steps in the solution and ran into a problem right away.
I navigate to F: Drive on the LAN and click on preferences for the directory I’m interested in accessing (I also accessed preferences on the entire F:) I did not find a “Security” tab on the preferences screen.
Do you know where I drove off the road???
I really appreciate your help.