Win XP backup software for My Passport Ultra

I’m trying to help a friend with a backup/restore problem and I wanted to install the WD backup software to find out what kind of compression was available. But the WD Backup that I downloaded won’t run on WinXP. Could someone point me to an older version that might work with WinXP?

The problem happened after his WD hard drive stopped working, and he took the dead drive and his Passport Ultra drive (with the backup) to Best Buy. They sold him a new hard drive, installed Win10 on it (he had and wanted Win 8.1) and then restored the backup onto it. But some of his important files didn’t get restored so he’s trying to figure out if he can retrieve them from the Passport Ultra drive. It would be a lot easier to search for them if the backup wasn’t compressed…so my starting point is to find out how the WD Backup software works. He lives 40 minutes away from me so I’m trying to do what I can from my home. Hence my looking for an earlier version of WD Backup that would work with his Passport Ultra drive and my WinXP.

Support for Windows XP ended 2014 … There are no versions of WD Backup (released in 2018) that support Windows XP.

The only older software that WD had for backups that supports Windows XP was WD Smartware (link below)

EDIT: Found this WD KBA … doesn’t sound to me the backups are compressed ?

EDIT 2: this post was also interesting … The code you list could be a folder under xx.swtor. If you opened WD Backup.swstor, continue opening folders until you find one with History and Volumexxx. The Volume folder should contain all the folders and files you selected to backup