Win Media Player issues with MBL-unable to play most music files and stutter start

The reason for buying my 3 TB MBL was to have my music (WMA) stored on the device and play with WMP wirelessly. I have been totally frustrated with this so far. First I had some sort of permission issue with WMA. That was fixed by upgrading the OS to (1) Win 8.1 32 bit on one laptop and (2) Win 7 64 bit on another. My current problem on both laptops is that every song begins and is interrupted about 8 seconds into the song. After that it continues to play fine. The other problem is that more than half of the songs in my MBL library just do not play. I see my DLNA player (connected to the router- it does not have a wireless connection- Yamaha NPS2000) start to play these songs and then abruptly stops no error msgs.

I have no problem playing songs from WMP that are stored locally (on the laptop) wirelessly to my DLNA player.

I have tried loading the WD server to the device but the last time I tried it was slow as molasses and also it did not catalog music in the same useful hierarchy that WMP does.

I tried to load another streamer (PLEX) on my currently Win 8.1 laptop (when it was previously running Win 7) but apparently I do not have the driver than PLEX needs to successfully install.

Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

Hi axg9504, see if you have the latest firmware update installed. You can also try changing between the DLNA and the Twonky media server to see if you get better results. Check the link below for more information. 

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo