Win 8 App doesn't work


I just installed My Cloud EX2 and all works ok. I have managed to connect 3 PCs and a TV. The problem i have is with the Win8 App (the Metro touch screen version). I downloded the Win 8.1 app and after accepting T&C it takes me straight to a screen where it says:

“No supported WD Devices found”

“Network discovery is required to use supported WD network devices. When connecting to your network choose private to enable this feature”

I have tried the forums but no luck. As i said the WD drive is appearing fine under this PC and also under Network and I can play videos and see pictures. So all is good, but not sure what’s the problem with the App. I think it tries to be too smart! Exactly the same happens on another Windows 8.1 PC so it’s not just the touchscreen laptop.

It says “learn more” but it just takes me to a generic page aout WD on Win 8, not a help page. The app is working fine on a windows phone I am using (after entering a pass code). 

Does anyone know what’s wrong, this is make or break for me.



Welcome to the Community.

Some Firewall utilities can block the app. Nonetheless, the device is designed to allow access without the application. That is the reason why it’s displayed in the Network section.