Win 8.1 WD My Cloud login problems

Having just recently brought a new computer which has win 8.1 I find that I am now having problems logging in to my WD My cloud.
When I try to login to one of the password protected shares I get the normal challenge for the password. 8 out of 10 times it will tell me that access is denied. The only way I can then get in to it again is by restarting my computer, but this isn’t always successful.

My cloud has a static IP
FTP access is fine both external and internal
Firmware is the latest version

These problems have become worse and more frequent with Win 8.1.

Is anyone else having the same problems?
Is there any patch or fix?


be sure the workgroup is the same on both

also if you are accessing a public and a private share this can cause issues too. I made min all prvate and don’t touch the default public share

With Windows, each Windows user can use only one set of credentials to access a remote computer. So after you have accessed a public share without entering credentials, you have set your credentials to “guest” and you won’t be able to log in another share which might be private.

If you use NAS User A to access share X, you cannot then use NAS User B to access share Y, etc.

Unless you store the credentials in the Windows Credential Manager, in the User Account and family safety control panel, the association between the Windows user and the NAS user credential set is kept until the next reboot. Hence the behavior you see.