Win-7 WD 1TB and 2TB Essential Books USB - New and NOT reconized currently on mutiple computers


I guess I should mention that I know enough about PCs to repair them for money, and I do. But this situation has me baffled and I have spent 4 days/mights straight trying to find a fix for this as I can not locate my recepit and do not believe I can return eitehr drive.

My Story:

It can get long… See I first bought a 1 WD 1TB Essential Book to use for backing up customer’s data whenever I could save their data before doing internal hard drive repairs. (mostly software work). For a few weeks I used the single 1 TB to back up my own data and my customer’s data on WinXP and Win-7 computers. NEXT I purchased a drive exactly like my 1TB but it was a 2TB model. What a mistake!!!

T could never get the 2 TB drive to get reconixed in Win-7 OR WinXP! So, on my main Windows 7 system I got some downloads from WD- I updated BOTH the firmware of the 1 and 2 TB drives. Some problems intermit, sometimes one drive will appear under My Storage- with a FORMAT flag- most of the time it does not. The otehr drive may never even be reconixed under management/storage…etc…

I guess I figured I could just fix it easy because I repair many computers all of the time. But I feel like a fool now because I have no way of returning eitehr drive. Oh- I have attempted to Format under Windows many times and it always fails on BOTH computers. I am searching for a good third party program to partition and format usb drives, because SpinRite and Hard Drive Regenerator or not written for external drives from what I can see.

I do not believe I will ever throw away anotehr receipt again for any purchase over $10.00- As I am likely out over $250.00 unless help arrives. I have researched this issue to death. I dont mind taking the cases apart if it helps because I have no warranty with no receipt.

Any ideas are better than none. I am out of ideas, I tried many things not posted here, such as safe mode etc… I have yet to try some kind of prompt based DOS like MSDOS 6- But I have reasons to dount that is the answer.

I prefer to format the drives in NTFS - They came in Fat32, I guess because it works on Pcs and 'Macs. who knows. I keep thinking to myself my solution might be with a program written to partition and format large external drives such as these, but I can not locate one I believe will work.

Please reply if you have ANY ideas, no matter how small. HELP!!

Well another day gone by, and I am getting more cometted (haha( everyday to make this work without losing $380. If anybofy has even a remote idea please post it. I am mainly trying to find a good partitioning and formating program that works on external usb drives, and believe me it’s diffivult to find such a program that works with Windows 7. Any ideas for software? Now, at time, both the 1Tb and 2TB drives are reconixed by the manage drives section under My Computer’s )right click). So I dind some hope there and the fact the lights work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I forgot, this may be important: When I detect my drives under drive Management the SECTORS read almost pefectly. In otherwirds, despite the fact one seems to need partitioning AND formatting (could be wrong) amd the other drive seems to be partitioned fine and needs formatting, but Windows can not fo it quickly, and everytime I try the slow method it locks up within 15 hours. Maybe this info would be of help to somebody trying to help… and I home somebody is.

Hey, I cold buy a PIZZA to the one that finds the solution to this!! :smiley:

opps… me needs speel check. Sorry!

Hi, it’s ME AGAIN,

The Original Poster. I must admist this site has been of absolutley NO HELP WHATSOEVER. I can only guess the only people on these forums are people like myself, ones that need help with Western Digital Hardware. After reading the postings on this site it seems most clear to me that the only life forms on here are other people asking questions about problems they have with Wester Digital Hardware.

I read many otehr posts on here that stronly implied to everyone that everyone here is stuck in the same spot, needing help, asking for help here, and having only each otehr of limited knowledged based to help each other. In seeing that I already troubleshoot for the income I make I guess nobody on this site could offer me new ideas to try. Yes this is one large speculation, but I see no reason why I should not feel this way.

It’s a crying shame. I had some HARD CASE tied up in my two “Books” of a total of 4 gigs at a cost of aprox. $260 (revised- correct ammount) at my local WALMART. I used to work customer service for a large computer company years back, and it was a known fact ten years ago that the company I worked for (In directly) stocked Walmart sheilves with infereir quality computers than the ones sold at Best Buy, which we IDed by their serial numbers- They were made with ever corner cut they could, for example, all was on one motehrboard- no video, audio, modems, network cards- everything on one single large board- The quality was soooo bad that my company would not make the warranty customers wait for repair, we simply sent them a “New” (refurbished) computer- most customers were happy to get what they thought was a new relacement, but the smarter ones asked and when they learned it was a used and repaired computer calls esculated to managers and arguing often went on for hours- sometimes the customer got what they wanted, about half the time.



I mentioned Walmart for a reason. I live in the sticks and Walmart is the only local place that sales most computer hardware for nearly 50 miles. Thus I had purchased both of my WD’s “Book’s” both the 1TB and 2TB from Walmart. - I FULLY REALISED I WAS TAKING A RISK BUYING ANYTHING MADE OF ELECTRONICS FROM WALMART- AS I LEARED YEARS AGO THAT WALMART’S ELECTRONICS ARE NOT ALWAYS BUILT THE SAME WAY ON THE INSIDE, NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTSIDE CASE MAY SAY,

I was not having a good day a couple days ago, and  I was cleaning out my old wallet when I found BOTH WALMART WD HARD DRIVE RECIPTS!! This was good, but, like most retailers, Walmart prints their receipts in DISAPPEARING INK! CAsh Purchase is hard to prove when a 3 week only receipt has already had 97% of it’s ink rubbed off!!! Well, One receipt was dark in ink color and clear, the other I could read, but was very difficult to make out the purchase date and it was a cash deal…

I did my best. I only had ONE BOX for BOTH of my western digital hard drives to be returned. I packaged them the best I could, cleaned them back up, coiled the power supply wires, yet had no extras to give back, as I received no Software or anything of value with the drives. So I took it to my Walmart about 10:00PM at night, which meant it was an empty store where I live at.

I got lucky! The girl working Customer Service let me explain the entire true story, well 98% of the truth. She was ready to refund my money but when I told her I would like to take one last chance with exchanging them for new ones, she was cool to that idea. I was fairly happy and thought they might work…

And work they did! Both the iTB and the 2TB Books are working perfectly right now. I went as far as build a box for these drives. I have one area where the drives sit upright, behind them is a compartment where an extension chord and 2 power packs sit, with extra boxed space to expand more drives as the technology reduces tehir size and price in the future. Above all I have a design that has to fans powered by a usb that probs the top open to keep the drives and transformers nice and cool. Im very proud of my box design and might post some pictures of what I designed, as I believe it might help others keep their WD drives running cool, out of the way in a box, and above all, secure enough to keep them from ever falling or being knocked over, which is really too easy with this model. I hope to tal pictuers of my design as I think its fairly awesome,. The laptop fans have 4 legs that move and they stay in an X patter as it keeps the lif open and **bleep** the warm air out at the same time.

YES I thank God for getting the excvhange and I hope the box design I made, which can be expanded as technology improves, was a lot of fun building. Shucks there may be a market for saling these things… PAtt. Pend. REMEMBER WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS SEARCH HARD FOR YOUR RECEIPT IT MAY SAVE YOU $260!!

FOR MY SOLUTION I ALMOST GOT SOMEWHERE USING A HARD DRIVE UTILITY CALLED “i CARE FORMAT RECOVERY SOFTWARE” - It is FREE if you locate the right page online which gives you a free serial, but if you wait to long to write it down the offer is revoked and they try to charge over $50 for the same program!! The point is, if I had not got the exchange I likely would of keep using the I CARE FORMAT RECOVER SOFTWARE in effort to make the drives readable again. – So thats the only real technical part of what could be a soultion I can add. Try to get your drives exchanged if you can, Walmart is liberial with their return policy, but you do need your receipt. Other places may not be as easy to return things too.


Thanks for reading folks.

I have many tpos above. The most serious typos are where I call a TERABYTE, 1 GB !!!

SORRY I MEANT TB NOT GB. I know a thousand gigs is a TB. Really I do. :wink:

I’m gone.

ALSO- I had a Total of 3 TB… NOT 4TB.