Win 7 stopped showing external hard drive in My Computer

I have a external hard drive that came from a blue light enclosure here

I use to have it running in the home network but now it wont show and the blue lights stopped completely, tried doing the reset button procedure no luck, noticed it gets real hot since i always have it on 24/7,  so i had no choice but to get a new external enclosure with a fan from newegg. 

With the new enclosure.

Its been seen in:


device manager

Not been seen in:

My Computer 

Disk Management

I actually saw this new WDFirmwareUpdater came out idk if it works for mine or not. 

tried it and then it asks me to scan for it before updating but it will not work. 

This hard drive started off being accessed from windows xp and vista. I had access for the past 2 years for windows 7 till it stopped working couple months ago. 

For some reason now in device manager right now its showing as a disk drive instead of its real name. my primary hard drive is a Hitachi ATA drive 1TB so im uninstalling it right now, now its uninstalled and i keep hearing windows reconnect and disconnect sounds after rescanning in device manger

Do i need to replace the pcb board? 

Should i send it to a hard drive recovery center?

Should i install windows xp to a empty hard drive and see if i could access the files then?

Please help its been driving me nuts and the warranty expired december 2010…


If the drive came from the link you post, the unit is a My Book World which is EXT3 formatted. This is a Linux format and not compatible with Windows, you will need to reformat your drive into NTFS or FAT 32 to be seen in your computer.

can i do it without losing anything? 

11:03am update: 

I had installed Ext2 Volume manager and DiskInternals Linux Reader and it is now showing in disk management, its 931.51 GB Disk 1 Unknown Not Initialized so im guessing i need to initialize it? Not allowing me to open the hard drive in DiskInternals.